“It is a great event to get pupils working collaboratively and it reinforces the importance of learning about languages and other cultures."

Information for Schools

Euroquiz is a fun and exciting way for pupils to learn about Europe and practise their foreign languages, while developing teamwork and problem solving skills. The Euroquiz competition is for Primary 6 pupils and is open to all primary schools across Scotland. Heats take place in each local authority area between January and March 2018, and the winning teams will be invited to attend the Euroquiz National Final held in the Scottish Parliament in May 2018. The Euroquiz is run by the Scottish European Educational Trust (SEET) and heats are organised in collaboration with each local authority.

How to Enter

- Each school may enter one team of four contestants. Substitutes may attend the heat but will only be allowed to take part if one of the team members has to withdraw.

- To enter your team, please complete the Registration Form for schools and return to your local authority Euroquiz organiser. All schools in Scotland will receive this information directly from their local authority organiser. If you have not received a form or do not know who your local organiser is, please get in touch with SEET:

- There will be no charge for entering the competition.

- Teachers will be required to help with marking during the heat.

- Travel costs to the heat will need to be covered by the school or local authority. Support may be available from the Scottish European Educational Trust towards the travel costs for the winning teams attending the final in Edinburgh.

Preparing Your Team

- A Resources Sheet is attached. Most recommended resources are available to order free of charge. Please order resources in plenty of time to allow you to prepare your team. In addition, most resources are now available online.

- Sample questions and past papers are available on the Euroquiz Resources tab of the SEET website to help prepare your team.

- The majority of the questions in the heats will be taken from the materials and recommended websites listed on the Resources Sheet, or from those of the Euroquiz Resources page of the SEET website.

- At the heat, questions will be presented on PowerPoint, and pupils will be asked to write down their team answers.

- Please make sure that you have permission for photographs of your heat (some of which may appear on the SEET website or social media). If there are any pupils who do not have permission, please inform the quiz organiser in advance of the heat.

The Euroquiz Heat – What to Expect

- All questions in the heats are to be answered by the team collectively. They may want to nominate one member to write down the answers.

- There will be 4 rounds for all contestants: Geography (15 questions), Languages (10 questions), Understanding Europe (15 questions) and Culture, History and Sport (20 questions). Understanding Europe questions will include the names of important people and places, basic information about political representation, significant events and dates. As a non-political charity,our focus is on teaching facts about the countries of Europe.

- The questions in the language round will feature French, German, Spanish and Italian. These are listening comprehension questions which have been drawn up together with Education Scotland and SCILT, Scotland’s National Centre for Languages. Language questions and have been recorded by native speakers and are appropriate to the level of language typically studied at P6.

- The top two teams at the end of Round 4 will progress to Round 5, the final round. This includes a compilation of topics from other rounds. Tiebreaker questions will be used where necessary.

- The winning team will be presented with a trophy and will be invited to attend the final in Edinburgh. Each participant will get a pen and a certificate.

Good luck preparing your team!